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Name:Candela Sapphire light
Dimension:From 1mm x 1mm to 200mm x 200mm in any optical axis
Thickness:From 0.5mm to 200mm
Flatness:Varies by thickness but can be λ/10 @633nm or better
Parallelism:Varies by size but can be as tight as 1 arc second
Surface Quality:S/D 80/60~20/10 per MIL-PRT-13830
Quantity:Quantities from singles to full large scale production runs
Materials:Sapphire, Bk7, Fused Silica, Quartz, and Optical Glass
Delivery time:Usually 4 weeks after deposit received
Coating:Band Pass, Cut off, AR
Chamfer:Break all sharp edges

Product Description

1.Main Types

Cube ConeTrapezoidRod


Cutoff coating 950nm~1200nmBand pass 430nm,480nm,530nm,580nm ETC808nm AR coating,532nm,1064nm ETC.


  Tooling Tolerance(Length,Wideth,Hight): ±0.05mm

  Surface Quality: S/D 60/40(best 20/10)

  Size: Customized

Min&Max sizes: Dia 5mm~Dia100mm, Length 10mm~200mm

We have some stock sizes, please contact our sales for more informations.