ChongQing Co-creation sapphire optoelectronics instruments Co., Ltd. ,is a professional R & D sapphire (Al2O3), quartz, tungsten carbide and other hard and brittle materials and related special gem components, machining , sales and import and export trade of high-tech enterprises; have sapphire outstanding professional technical team and advanced processing equipment, master sapphire and optics production and processing core technology and improved manufacturing processes, customers can provide a large number of long-term, stable sapphire and other optical devices fixed products.

  Our main products include:,

Sapphire dome, dome shaped sapphire, sapphire super dome;
Sapphire optical window films and substrates, gems square sheets and rectangular pieces;
Sapphire lens, sapphire prism, blue / ruby
ball, sapphire rod, sapphire laser rod;
Through-hole gem components, micro sensors gems, precious stones measuring nozzle and inserts, bearings, valve assembly and shaped components and other products;

  Products are widely used:

CMM, blood analyzers, liquid chromatography, IPL, optics, aerospace instrumentation, laser rods, laser-guided instrument, gyroscope, high-pressure water jet cutting and other precision measuring instruments, integrated circuits, liquid cutting, laser technology , optical fiber communications, textile, medical and aerospace and other high-tech fields

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 Address:No.1, Building17, Yintian Electronic Industrial area, Caijiagang Town, Beibei District, Chongqing City.China